May Update


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you are all well and that you are staying in contact as best as you can with family and friends.

Whilst there appears to be hope of easing down the situation, I do think we need to be practical in our approach and realise it could be some months before we are back to what we think is normal, and even then many people will be very wary of what they do for a long, long time.

I have attached my trips list of those trips I still have hope we may be able to run, but will not be sending a separate newsletter until we get much further forward.

All ticket companies and travel companies are struggling to keep up with the demand of either refunding monies or rearranging trips for their customers. So far I have asked for refunds from everything I have cancelled, and some are being more helpful than others! There is a real threat that some of these companies may fold, but all those I deal with do have official cover so I would always expect to receive our refunds.

All I ask is that you all stay patient. I am dealing with trips as they get within 3-4 weeks away, as that is how the other companies are dealing with us bookers. I will refund everyone as soon as I get money back from the ticket companies or travel companies. I have kept up to date so far! Fingers crossed for future trips. Most of these companies are working from home and some have been furloughed.

Hopefully we can all meet together again sometime later this year. Till then stay well and safe.

There are plenty of stage shows, musicals and performances being streamed for free on the internet if you need your ‘fix’.