March Update

A few more bookings this month, fingers crossed things keep improving.

Thank you to all those booking Jersey, that is now sold out with a waiting list.

We have Lion King now in July on the same night as Frozen which is also sold out. Right at the end of school so no worries for the morning.

Wey & Arun Canal boat trip and two course meal is booked again after the lockdown cancellation. Be a lovely pleasant afternoon on the canal.

The prices are now completed for the Bath, Longleat and Winchester trip.

Also now booked is the Christmas panto at The London Palladium with the only date they were offering. 5th January. Dawn French, Julian Clary, Paul Zerdin, Gary Wilmot and Nigel Havers making up the crew.

I have tried to keep the prices down as much as possible but the trips themselves have gone up, no doubt due to lockdown. The panto tickets have gone up £7 each, which is a bit steep so is only advertised for a month currently to see if there is enough interest again. Coaches have risen but little in comparison per head to everything else.

There are still other trips I am looking at but am still being cautious.

Stay safe and hopefully come out and enjoy yourselves soon.